About UMURAGE Africa Legacy Foundation

The idea of creating a foundation dedicated to promoting Africa’s Legacy and Values came from the founder’s realization that there were so many positive stories happening in Africa and the diaspora, but the world rarely hears about them as the news are often dominated by the negative stories (wars, outbreaks, poverty, etc..).

Legacy is at the core of our message, we want to highlight stories of individuals who are working against the odds to improve the lives of people around them either directly, or indirectly by inspiriting them to change their own lives.

We believe that by building individual legacies, we contribute to the continent’s and the world’s collective legacy.

We will work with Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora, with a special focus on individuals and groups who are in adverse situations, and fighting the odds to better their lives and the lives of people around them. Special attention to Women, Youth and Vulnerable Groups (people living with disabilities, migrants, minorities).

UMURAGE Africa Legacy Foundation was incorporated in December 2015 at the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam (Netherlands). We are still a very small organization but with big dream. We are conscious that what we are trying to do is much bigger than us and for that reason, we welcome the whole world to come and join us in any way and with any means.

In this annual report, you will find out what we have done in 2015 and 2016, which were mainly dedicated to building the foundation’s base, and what we plan in 2017. We’ve exceptionally included activities conducted before the incorporation as they helped us achieve the December 17 milestone.

So far, we haven’t sought any external funding as we felt we wanted to get our act right first within before we reach out to external funding. The full financial report can be found at the end of this report.

We thank all our supporters, our family, friends and colleagues for the great support we’ve received in the past year, from when we first started talking about this idea to seeing it become a reality.


Our vision is:

  • to change the way the world perceives Africa and Africans
  • to build Africa’s collective legacy and help Africa, Africans and friends of Africa contribute more to the world’s collective legacy
  • to help individuals, organizations and communities who are making a difference get known and recognized across the world
  • to channel resources to worthy organizations.

Our mission is to:

  • promote and support African individuals, African and other organizations, businesses and communities who contribute to the world’s development and making a lasting impact doing so;
  • support individuals, organizations, businesses and communities to achieve their legacy by assisting them to articulate and/or refocus their vision, develop the right strategies, and mobilize adequate resources;
  • reach out and share with the public real-life stories of Legacy makers and share knowledge about the notion of legacy and values of the African traditions